Last resort feature documentary at Scianema Ocean Conservation Film Festival

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Stories That Matter

We are proud to be sharing a rare event for the story telling side of 101visions – it’s not often that the team gets to make feature length documentaries.  Tom Sands and Ramsay James excelled when they got the chance to make The Last Resort.  The film is being shared this month on the 8th March in Faro, Portugal, at the fourth edition of Scianema – a film festival dedicated to the conservation of the oceans (Faro from March 7 to 9).

The Last Resort is a full length feature documentary that takes us under the skin of the Misool Eco Resort in Raja Amat, Indonesia.  It features one of the worlds most biodiverse marine ecoystems as well as Andy Miners, a very determined project founder who has steered through some hard waters to make Misool the success it is…


Raja Ampat is described by Conservation International as the “epicentre of marine biodiversity for the planet,” and 24 new species of fish have been discovered in the vicinity over the past 5 years. The film shows how Andrew and his team have built relationships with neighbouring islands, community leaders and local government to establish support for fishing exclusion zones in the region.  It also highlights a way that tourism can align with nature.  This is a great example of the stories we feature when we help create narrative and work on 101visions productions.  If you are in Faro, get down to the Scianema Oceans Festival for The Last Resort (portuguese narration) and the other great films picked for the festival…