Carbon Calculator API

Integrate WITH NATURE.

The C Level Balance API and Hub has been created to allow 3rd parties to easily integrate our calculators, offset mechanism and reporting data with their own systems (websites, apps or back-end software). By using our FREE software, organisations will be able to offer customers the opportunity to help mitigate against the impact of their carbon footprint, without adding complexity or costs to their business.

Carbon Footprint API Integration

Using our REST API, developers can seamlessly integrate our platform with existing tech, such as an app, intranet or booking engine. Our code is agnostic, meaning it will work with any other software or infrastructure.

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Branded Microsite

For those who would like to offer their clients and/or employees the ability to offset their footprint but don’t have the need to integrate the process directly into a website or application. We’ll set up your own branded company microsite, fully integrated with our entire balance process, including fully branded and personalised certification. This set up and hosting is offered for free.

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Built using a REST API, developers can integrate directly with our carbon balance hub and gain access to the world's best nature based projects.

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Carbon Balance API overview



Works with any EXISTING TECH framework


Free to use

Can be FREELY integrated into existing user flows



EASILY TAILORED  to suit individual project specifications


Fully hosted and supported

Infrastructure and free UPDATES  taken care of



Built-in flexible REPORTING for cash and carbon accounting



Choice of simple, BRANDED MICROSITE or full access to API integration


Branded & Certified

Branded with YOUR LOGO AND COLOURS, & branded certification out of the box

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