School Climate Change Protest

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Regenerative Culture

Climate action posters held up by climate activists
Are we at a watershed?  Is the activation of thousands and thousands of our children on earth’s carbon levels and global warming the point of mass potential for transformation?  Is this a Berlin Wall moment?  Where the impossible suddenly happens?  Let’s hope so.  Let’s make it so… Any move by any child to engage with the grim reality that many of our systems from agriculture to homes are dinosaur systems that are bringing down the the livings earth’s life force – is brilliant and we should nurture this energy. I would recommend anyone who has not witnessed this energy to do so. And a good place to start is Greta Thunberg’s recent TED Talk.  Take a break right now and listen to a 15 year old tell you a story…right before she went on to address the global climate change gathering of the Conference of Parties (COP 24) in Poland!  Make a place for some emotion in your day. If we can bring experienced change makers together with youth energy and imperative, then we really could TRANSFORM.  System change not climate change means looking at regenerative agriculture and a host of other systems, but more than anything it means looking at the way we live and provide for future generations.  When the majority of children alive today are excluded from the chance to create truly healthy low carbon lifestyles and homes by the artificially ramped up cost of home space, then we have a real big problem.  Time to get really creative…create more freedom.  Take down some more walls. Create radically different homes that are part of the ecosystem – and far easier to aspire to…